• A guide learning about routes with a chart in Desolation Sound

Cabana Desolation Pre-Trip Planning

Thank You for Choosing to Stay at Cabana Desolation Eco Resort!

As you look forward with anticipation to your vacation at Cabana Desolation Eco Resort, the following information is designed to help you come fully prepared for the experience that awaits.

Due to the unique and remote nature of the resort, we highly recommend that all members of your party read the following information in full to ensure for the smooth and safe logistical operations of the resort during your stay.

It is also the responsibility of all members of your party to read and understand our company policies before you arrive for your vacation.

If you are the ‘organizer’ for your party, please forward this link or direct your friends and family to this webpage before they set off on their vacation. They – and we – will surely thank you for the effort!

Welcome Note

Thank you for choosing Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. and our Cabana Desolation Eco-Resort for your adventure vacation experience. We are honoured to have the opportunity to show off this beautiful area of the planet and to share the unique and wonderful features of our eco-resort. 

Thank you also for taking the time to complete our on-line medical questionnaire. Our remote location is certainly part of the charm and we want to be fully prepared to provide a safe and enjoyable trip. If you have not yet completed this questionnaire, we will need this information to prepare for your trip. Please follow the link above and complete the form as soon as possible.

Please also be sure to complete our online waiver at the same time.

With your trip booked, we hope you are looking forward to a wonderful experience! After all, it has been said that 50% of a holiday experience happens before the trip even takes place. Imagining yourself on a remote island, perhaps enjoying a nice beverage as you soak up the majestic views towards the towering Coast Mountains, is part of the fun! To help with this, you may want to periodically go to our website’s Cabana Desolation pages, as we continue to add more photos that best depict the feeling of Cabana Desolation and Desolation Sound itself.

Another great way to keep in touch with all things going on at Powell River Sea Kayak is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

The information in this pre-trip document is intended to help with any planning and preparation before you arrive, and to provide details that will hopefully clarify all aspects of the experience. With that said if you need planning assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to help make your planning go as smooth as possible. 

I look forward to meeting you in person. 


Adam Vallance

Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd.

What to Expect at Cabana Desolation

Like anything in life, hope and expectations play a role in how we react emotionally. If expectations are not met, we may feel disappointment or even frustration. If an experience goes beyond our expectations, we feel happy or satisfied. In an effort to create realistic expectations and positive mental preparation, here are a few unique details to keep in mind. 

The Resort

Cabana Desolation is a seasonal eco-resort built on a remote island. There is no other resort located in Desolation Sound. 

Why is it necessary to mention this? Creating a resort in a remote area with many land-use restrictions was no simple task. Our journey began in 2008 and it took until 2014 to prepare this unique product for guests. Certain features that may be expected in a more built-up resort could simply not be included in Cabana Desolation. For us, this was perfectly fine. Our goal was to create a unique experience that did not fit the mould of a built-up resort – and to accomplish something no one else has done. Cabana Desolation is exclusive, personal and a truly one-of-a-kind eco-resort experience located in a beautiful part of the British Columbia coast. 

The Cabanas

Our original concept was to use yurts for the accommodations  these traditional, nomadic tents seemed like a good fit for an eco-resort that was seeking to connect guests with nature. After much research, it was decided a cabin – or cabana – constructed from locally milled western red cedar and Douglas fir would provide an experience more suitable to the west coast of British Columbia. 

We also liked the idea of having solid walls versus some type of vinyl/canvas material. The cabanas are basically “skinned” with wood – with no insulation and, of course, no wiring. We hope guests enjoy the rich, natural woods, cozy comforts and natural connectedness of these uniquely designed cabanas.

The Staff & Service

Our staff at Cabana Desolation – the guides that paddle with you and the cooks that lovingly prepare your meals – wear many hats in the performance of their duties. They are your tour guides, information centres, cooks, servers, cleaners, dishwashers, baristas and weather interpreters.

We are a small resort with a maximum capacity of 10-12 guests, and we focus on building relationships with our visitors that often endure far beyond the end of the tour. Cabana staff are genuine, passionate, knowledgable and professional, and it is this quality of service that sometimes surprisingly sticks with our guests when they are recommending our resort to their family and friends.

The Food

For guests that value creative meals made from fresh, local ingredients, created from scratch and prepared lovingly before your own eyes, you will be impressed with the variety, quality and diversity of the cuisine created at Cabana Desolation.

However, a la carte we are not. The remote and off-grid nature of our resort makes it impossible to offer the unlimited menu choices available at traditional resorts and restaurants. All our perishable food and ingredients that are used in our meals need to be boated in at the start of each package.

Therefore we operate from a set menu that has been developed and refined to allow maximum flexibility based on our guests’ food preferences, allergies and intolerances.

We encourage our guests to enjoy the unique and delicious creations that are served each day on our remote island. As one past guest wrote in our guest book: “Anticipation of what came out of the kitchen was part of the extraordinary experience!”

The Toilets

We have flush toilets! I know, you’re thinking: ‘big deal’. However, for 20 years guests on our regular kayak camping trips typically had to dig cat holes and occasionally had the ‘luxury’ of a pit toilet. The goal at Cabana Desolation was to offer guests an alternative to pit toilets – something… nicer. In consideration of the remoteness, the environmental sensitivities, the minimal water supply (we’re on an island, after all) and the amount of water typical toilets use, we knew this was going to be a challenging task. 

With the discovery of a unique 1 pint-per-flush toilet, we were able to achieve our goal. Although we cannot have a toilet at each cabana, we do have three cedar toilet structures with flushing toilets – and we hope guests appreciate the luxury of a flush toilet in this remote setting. For those needing a bathroom while out paddling or hiking, well, that is an entirely different experience… 

The Showers

As with toilets, our goal with the showers was to provide a feature that simply cannot be provided on our regular kayak tours. The challenge here, once again, was water: how to supply it, how to heat it and what to do with it when finished using it. After much indecision and research, it was decided that a gravity-pressure, on-demand hot water system would be provided for each cabana’s shower. Yes, each cabana has its own cedar-enclosed shower! 

We hope the ability to have a hot shower is a luxury that enhances your experience. As our water supply is quite limited, we ask guests to help us conserve water by limiting their length of showers to a maximum of 5 minutes – enough to get clean and feel refreshed. We understand this may seem a bit limiting, however, water conservation is extremely important and your understanding with the challenges of providing fresh water in a remote island setting is thankfully appreciated. 

The Guided Kayaking (for those on our Guided Kayaking Package)

Each day, one of our guides will lead our guests to a unique destination. Typically a delicious lunch freshly prepared by our cabana cooks will be enjoyed shore-side, and then followed by an afternoon paddle back to Kinghorn Island. Joining a guided tour sometimes means choosing to go-with-the-flow. We will do our best to meet the needs and desires of each paddler and to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.  

It is important to note that at its heart, Cabana Desolation is a kayaking-in-and-out eco resort. While our guides are wonderful, helpful, and incredibly hard working, at times guests will need to help out a little, especially with lifting kayaks and carrying some things up and down the intertidal area at both the resort and when you stop for lunch.

Desolation Sound is renowned for it’s steep and rocky shoreline – with oysters and barnacles living in the intertidal zone – and guests should be aware that this environment is very distinct from the sandy beaches often found on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Our small capacity and remote location mean that we can’t have a huge team of staff on hand at all times (though we still do run our trips at close to a 2:1 ratio of guests to staff). Guests should be aware that a small amount of physical exertion when landing, and travelling across this uneven and rocky terrain, is inevitable.

Paddling speed is another point of communication. Ultimately we can only paddle as fast as the slowest paddler. Our goal is less about speed and more about providing an intimate experience with such wonderful features as the intertidal marine life and beautiful scenery. 

Note that the kayaks that you elect to paddle to and from the resort (i.e. singles or doubles) will be the kayaks that you will be paddling with for the entire trip. It is not possible to switch between doubles and singles – unless you are doing this within your group – while the package is running.

We have been running wilderness kayak trips since 1995 – and we strive to improve our offerings every year. Apart from the unique comforts of Cabana, our trips this year provide significantly more than what our trips provided 10 or 15 years ago. Despite that, guest comments 10 or 15 years ago were fabulous. In a world of increasing gratification, we hope each of our guests’ appreciates the wonderful details that go into enhancing the entire experience in this beautiful environment. 

As you will see under the gear list, we mention bringing a positive attitude. We can’t stress this enough. Of the things under our control, we have plenty of experience and will do a very good job. However, there are many things we can’t control, such as the weather. For all the things we can’t control, it is up to each individual to choose a positive attitude. With that, we are very confident you will have an awesome experience!

The Weather

This is the west coast of British Columbia. While generally during the summer the weather and temperature at Cabana Desolation is consistently warm and dry, guests need to know that at any time of year the climate of coastal British Columbia can change rapidly, and you should be prepared for the potential of cooler, wetter, windier weather during your stay.

As you will see below in our ‘What to Bring’ section, a positive attitude and expectation is absolutely essential when traveling, especially when you are visiting a unique and remote eco resort such as ours. While the sun and warmth are certainly ingredients for a great trip, many of our most memorable packages in the past have experienced days of higher winds and that classic west coast rain!

Travel Information

Getting to our Office and Waterfront Launch site in Okeover Inlet

  • Parking at our Launch Site

Our launch site address: 10676 Crowther Road – link to  Google Maps).

  • Our waterfront launch site has parking for all our guests driving to our site. No need to pay for parking or shuttle from the parking lot to the ocean for the start of your tour, it’s all conveniently located on our secure and beautiful property in Okeover Inlet!
  • If you are driving an electric vehicle, while we don’t have a charging station on site, there are a number of places in Powell River (30 minutes south) that this can occur.

Arrival in Powell River region: Generally the day before the tour (due to ferry schedules).

  • Driving via Vancouver

How to find us: 

  1. Horseshoe Bay ferry to Langdale.
  2. Drive 1 hour 15 minutes north to Earl’s Cove (ferry to Saltery Bay).
  3. From Saltery Bay, drive 30 minutes to Powell River (Hwy 101).
  4. From Powell River (Hwy 101), drive approximately 30 minutes north and turn right on Malaspina Road (to Okeover Inlet).
  5. Drive 5 minutes to Laughing Oyster restaurant and turn left onto Crowther Road (gravel road).
  6. We are 5 minutes drive down Crowther Road (at bottom of large hill, follow the signs!)
  • Driving via Vancouver Island

How to Find Us:

  1. Comox Ferry to Powell River.
  2. Follow from point 4 above.

Note: It is possible to catch the first ferry from Little River (Comox) to Powell River on the morning of the tour and then drive straight to our site on Okeover Inlet in time for launch.

  • Flying from Vancouver

There are two option to fly into Powell River from Vancouver: via Pacific Coastal Airlines (YVR South Terminal to Powell River Airport) or Harbour Air (float plane from downtown Vancouver to Powell Lake).

It is possible to catch the early flight on the morning of the tour and then take a taxi from the Powell River airport to our site on Okeover Inlet, arriving just after 9.30am.

Please note, we do not have a shuttle service.  Guests will need to book a taxi from Powell River to our site on Okeover Inlet (see telephone number below).

Please make sure your gear is well organized beforehand so as to maximize the chances of getting on the water as quickly as possible once you arrive.

Helpful Links

  • Maps of Powell River & the Sunshine Coast 

Click here for a map that shows Powell River and Cabana Desolation Eco Resort in relation to Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Click here for a map of kayaking routes in Desolation Sound in relation to Cabana Desolation Eco Resort on Kinghorn Island.

  • Ferry Schedules & Reservations

Click here to view ferry schedules for Powell River and the Sunshine Coast from Vancouver and Vancouver Island. 

If you are travelling to the Powell River area by car, we highly recommend you visit the BC Ferries website and make any ferry reservations you need well in advance. Summer is a high traffic time of year for this service and a reservation can take the stress out of traveling to and from this beautiful part of the world.

  • Pacific Coastal Airlines

Click here for the website of Pacific Coastal Airlines, with multiple daily services between Powell River and Vancouver International Airport’s South Terminal. 

 Toll Free: 1-800-663-2872 

 Tel: 604-273-8666

  • Harbour Air

Click here for the website of Harbour Air, with two daily services between downtown Vancouver and The Shinglemill on Powell Lake.

Tel: 1800-665-0212

  • Coast Taxi Powell River

Tel: 604-483-3666  

We recommend that you book your taxi for the morning of the tour well in advance. For the return journey after the tour, please remind us when you arrive so we can give the taxi service a heads up, and then if it looks like our return to Okeover will be delayed for any reason we can update them so the taxi is not waiting around for an extended period of time while we return.

Trip Itinerary for Guided Cabana Desolation Packages

Day 1

For Cabana Desolation Guided Kayaking Packages9.30am arrival sharp.

  • While we understand that you are excited to meet everyone and get your vacation started, our guides and staff behind the scenes are very busy on the morning of the trip putting the finishing touches on all their preparations. Please aim to arrive at the launch site as close to this above arrival time as possible.
  • Upon arrival guests will be provided with dry bags to pack their personal items.

Location: Powell River Sea Kayak (10676 Crowther Road – link to google maps)

  • Important: other guests will be paddling with the guide(s) as well. Please give yourself enough time to arrive for 9:30am sharp.
  • Guests flying in to Powell River and taxiing to Okeover will arrive slightly later. Please be sure to pre-book the taxi and have your personal items ready to re-pack into the dry bags provided upon arrival.

Kayak launch time: 10:45am (after a pre-launch introduction and stretch)

Kayaking to Cabana: The paddle to Cabana is an enjoyable 8 nautical miles and includes beautiful views, interesting marine wildlife and meandering shorelines. Paddling time is roughly 2 hours in the morning, a nice lunch break and then another 2 hours paddling in the afternoon. Weather and group dynamic may affect actual times.

Arriving at Cabana on Kinghorn Island: approximately 3-4pm.

Day 2, 3, 4…
  • The nature of the daily kayaking trips and also the logistics of running a remote, off-grid resort mean that the following times may be slightly different from one day to the next. Please approach the following information as guidelines instead of definite timing.

Morning Coffee Service: 7-8am.

  • Served by staff directly to your cabana to enjoy fresh every morning!
  • Tea and hot chocolate are also available.

Breakfast: 8-8.30am.

Launch time: Approximately 10-10.30am, depending on route plans.

  • Daily guided kayaking trips will radiate to different locations each day and will last approximately 4-6 hours (a picnic lunch is packed into the kayaks).
  • Weather considerations and group dynamic may affect exact route planning. We know the area very well and value flexibility and spontaneity within the bounds of weather, group dynamic and considerations for safety and enjoyment.
  • Although sea kayaking is a key experience, some may choose not to paddle on any particular day and instead enjoy on-site paddle boarding, snorkelling, hiking, or simply relaxing in Desolation.

Lunch: Approximately 12.30-1.30pm.

  • If kayaking, lunch is packed into the kayaks by the guides to be enjoyed at a determined lunch spot.
  • If staying at the resort, lunch will be served at the Cabana Cafe.

Dinner: 6-7pm.

  • Appetizer, entree, and dessert courses served every day.
  • Snacks will be available for guests to help themselves as needed throughout the afternoon.
Final Day

Return to Okeover: Between 1-2pm – depending on variables of weather, current and group speed.

  • Please plan your schedules (ferry, flight, etc) based on this return time. You are part of a group kayaking back with 1 or 2 guides. The other guests in your group may want to enjoy their last day paddling and not rush back. It is also important to note factors such as weather conditions and group paddling speed may affect the final return times.

A Note About Our 8 Day Cabana Trips

If you are staying at Cabana Desolation for a week at a time (i.e. Sunday-Sunday or Thursday-Thursday) you will be staying at the resort during one of our change-over days. There are a couple of unique logistical considerations during this change-over:

  • It is highly likely that you will not have the same guide for the entirety of your tour. This is to give all our guides enough time off during the busy season, as well as to ensure a smooth flow between all our ongoing cabana and camping tours.
  • On the morning of the changeover day, the initial guide will paddle back to Okeover with those members of the group that are leaving on that day. At the same time, the new guide will be paddling to the resort from Okeover with those incoming guests for the rest of the week.
  • This means that you will not have a guide for this changeover day.
  • This day should be considered a ‘rest day’, allowing you to explore the island and immerse yourself in the ambience of our site at Cabana Desolation.

Trip Itinerary for Chill & Immerse Cabana Desolation Packages

Day 1

For Cabana Desolation Self-Guided Kayaking Packages9.30-10.30am arrival recommended.

  • It is 8NM from our site on Okeover Inlet to Cabana Desolation. This may take 5+ hours, including stopping for lunch or other breaks (Please note, lunch is not provided on Day 1 for Chill & Immerse guests).
  • Upon arrival guests will be provided with dry bags to pack their personal items.

Location: Powell River Sea Kayak (10676 Crowther Road – link to google maps)

Kayaking to Cabana: The paddle to Cabana is an enjoyable 8 nautical miles and includes beautiful views, interesting marine wildlife and meandering shorelines. Paddling time is roughly 2 hours in the morning, a nice lunch break and then another 2 hours paddling in the afternoon.

Arriving at Cabana on Kinghorn Island: 3-5pm recommended.

  • Check-in time for the cabanas is 3pm. Please do not plan to arrive at the resort site on Kinghorn Island before this time.

Experience: Mandatory.

  • Check out the ‘Are You Experienced’ section of our rental guide on our website for more information about essential knowledge for self-guided guests.
  • If you do not feel that you have enough knowledge or experience before your trip, please consider a guided Cabana Desolation package.

Day 2, 3, 4…

Morning Coffee Service: 7-8am.

  • Served by staff directly to your cabana to enjoy fresh every morning!
  • Tea and hot chocolate are also available.

Breakfast: 8-8.30am.

Launch time: Recommended 10-11am, depending on your route plans.

  • While self-guided guests will not have a personal guide on the water, our resort staff (with the exception of our cooks) are all certified wilderness guides and will be available to help you plan your daily kayaking adventures based on interest, experience, and weather considerations.
  • Although sea kayaking is a key experience, some may choose not to paddle on any particular day and instead enjoy on-site paddle boarding, snorkelling, hiking, or simply relaxing in Desolation.

Lunch: Approximately 12.30-1.30pm.

  • If kayaking, lunch given to you in the morning to be packed into the kayaks.
  • If staying at the resort, lunch will be served at the Cabana Cafe.

Dinner: 6-7pm.

  • Appetizer, entree, and dessert courses served every day.
  • Snacks will be available for guests to help themselves as needed throughout the afternoon.
Final Day

Launch: No earlier than 9am.

  • Strong paddlers that are sufficiently organised may plan to leave the resort soon after breakfast and paddle straight back to base, for example to catch an early ferry.
  • Please understand that it is unfair to place extra stress on our cooks and resort staff and expect to be served breakfast before the regular time.
  • Please check the ferry or airline schedule ahead of time and plan or book your ongoing transport at later times that correspond to the above schedule.

Cabana Check Out Time: 11am

  • Self-guided guests that choose to relax on this final morning before departure are required to have all their belongings out of the cabanas shortly after breakfast so that our cleaning staff can quickly and efficiently prepare the rooms for the next guests arriving later that day.

Return to Okeover: No later than 4pm.

  • Self-guided guests are required to return to our Okeover launch site well before our office closes in the afternoon.

Self-Guided Chill & Immerse Checklist

For those electing to paddle to Cabana Desolation Eco Resort self-guided on a Chill & Immerse Package, there are a number of unique things that you should be aware of and be planning for to be safe, efficient, and prepared for your trip.

Lesson Requirement & Experience Level

Chill & Immerse guests that are paddling self-guided should think of themselves as renting kayaks from us at Powell River Sea Kayak and are therefore subject to the same lesson requirement and experience policies that our rental guests follow:

  • PRSK will not allow guests to be self-guided unless 1/2 people in the group have had a formal lesson in the past 5 years, with a specific focus on capsize/re-entry.
    • 1/2 members in the group are also required to have at least two multi-day kayaking trips experience equal to or greater than the number of days of the package in the past 10 years.
    • All other members of the group must have some prior knowledge of rescues, and watched the videos of capsize/re-entry/launch and land on our website.
  • PRSK will not allow guests to be self-guided with kids under 16 unless both parents have had a formal lesson in the past 5 years. In addition:
    • At least one parent is required to have experience of at least 2 multi-day trips without kids equal to or greater than the number of days of the package in the past 10 years.
    • All kids less than 16 must be in a double kayak.
    • Kids 16 or older can be in a single kayak as long as they have had a formal lesson with a focus on capsize/re-entry.

For those that are part of a group that meets this requirement but haven’t had lessons themselves, please watch the above linked videos before arrival.

Waivers & Medical Form

As with all our Cabana guests, please make sure that all members of your group have filled out their online waivers and medical & dietary questionnaires well in advance of the package dates.

Check-In & Check-out Times for guests paddling to Cabana Desolation
  • On the first morning, the earliest you can arrive at our launch-site to pick up the kayaks is 9.30am.
  • One the first day, the earliest you can arrive at the resort on Kinghorn Island for check-in is 3pm.
    • Please do not arrive at the resort any earlier than this, even if you think you are happy to wait around until your rooms are ready. Our Cabana support staff are incredibly busy changing the rooms, kitchen and resort itself over from one group to the next on these days greatly appreciates not having guests underfoot. If you are going to be early, please take the time to relax on a beach en route, have a longer lunch, and generally enjoy the paddle itself rather than continue to rush to get to the resort.
  • On the final day, all guests must be out of their rooms by 11am. Due to breakfast schedules, please don’t plan to be launching on the water before 9am.
  • On the final day, all guests must return to our Okeover launch site no later than 4pm.
Pack Your Own Lunch

The first meal provided for guests on all Chill & Immerse Packages is Dinner on Day 1. Lunch is provided on the final day for all our guests.

Purchase a Map or Chart Before Arriving (& Study It!)

While we will provide a basic laminated map for all our Cabana guests, it is a good idea to purchase a map of Desolation Sound or an official marine chart of the area before you arrive.

We also strongly encourage our self-guided guests to study these before arrival so that you have a good idea of routes to and from the resort (including potential lunch spots and key sites along the way), as well as potential day trips you would like to visit during your stay at Cabana Desolation.

Click here for a great map of destinations and distances to key spots in Desolation Sound from the resort.

While there will probably be staff (guides) at the resort during your stay with guided guests and they are happy and willing to share key knowledge and local knowledge of paddling the area with you each day, please understand that their key focus while preparing and executing the daily paddles will be with the guided guests, so coming into these conversations with some prior knowledge of possibilities and hazards is always greatly appreciated!

Download the Tide Charts for your Package Dates

Click here to see the official tide charts for Lund and toggle the dates to cover your package dates. Print these out and have them handy for your trip!

Know How to Check the Weather Forecast

Our guiding staff at Cabana Desolation will always be happy to help interpret weather forecasts and their impact on kayaking routes and plans throughout the trip. However, there may be many times when a guide is not available to help, or when the weather forecast changes suddenly during a self-guided paddle and our guides will not be around.

Using a smart phone, it is easy to access updated official marine weather forecasts. These forecasts are updated 4 times a day. Here is the link for our region: ‘Strait of Georgia – North of Nanaimo’.

Understand Our Weather and Motor Vessel Transport Policy

Whether you are on a guided or self-guided package, if the wind is so strong that you cannot access the resort on Kinghorn Island via kayak, we can potentially transport guests to Cabana Desolation Eco Resort on our company motor vessel. Please note that regular transport charges and policies apply for these incidents regardless of weather.

If the wind is so strong that our regular motor vessel is also unable to transport guests to or from the resort, it may be possible to contract a third party to make the transport in a suitable vessel. These companies will quote guests on a case by case basis in this event.

Motor Vessel Departure & Arrival Times

For guests taking the motor vessel transport option to and from Cabana Desolation Eco Resort:

Guest arrival: 12.30pm at Okeover.

Motor vessel departs1.30pm. Travel time is a relatively quick 20 minutes to the resort.

A few important notes: 

1. Please adhere to the above arrival

  • Arrival and departure days at Cabana Desolation are swap-over days. This includes physical switches (bed linens, fresh food, etc) and personnel switches (cooks, guides, managers). Guests choosing this option will arrive and depart Kinghorn with staff making these changes.
  • When you arrive at Cabana Desolation at approximately 2pm, we will have endeavoured to have your Cabana ready for you to check-in immediately so you can unpack and relax. 
  • If you are on a guided trip, please note that the guides will be paddling to Cabana on the first day and back to Okeover on the last day with other guests. You will not be able to kayak on these days if you select the MVT option. If kayaking on these first and last days are essential for you, we recommend choosing to kayak to and from Cabana Desolation.
  • The first meal provided at Cabana for all motor vessel transport guests will be dinner on the first evening. Please plan to bring your own lunch on this day. 
  • The motor vessel transport option must be pre-booked at least 48 hours in advance of the trip.
  • Motor vessel transport is an additional cost on top of the regular package price. Charges do apply.

2. Dress for the weather: 

  • Our motor vessel transport is in an open vessel, with little protection from wind or rain. Please dress accordingly with good rain/wind protection.
  • This includes footwear! Both our launch site in Okeover Inlet and our eco resort on Kinghorn Island are remote locations – there are no docks, and low tide launches and landings require accessing and entering/exiting the boat on rocky, wet, often slippery terrain. Oysters and barnacles, seaweeds, and other intertidal life live in this zone of access. Good waterproof, closed toed footwear is essential to avoid slips, cuts and abrasions while entering and exiting our company vessel.
For guests returning on the motor vessel on the last day of the package: 

Check out time from the room: 11am.

You are of course welcome to enjoy the rest of the resort until the boat leaves on the return trip.

Departure Time: 12.45pm from Cabana, arriving back at Okeover no later than 1.15pm.

Exact time of departure may vary slightly due to our remote location and factors such as weather, number of guests being transported to and from the resort, and other unforeseen circumstances. 

Reminder, as our motor vessel must operate at these set times, please book your ongoing ferry or flights ahead of time to correspond to the above schedule. Thank you for your understanding!

Kayaking Experience

For Guided Package guests: no experience required.

  • We welcome all levels of paddlers and are happy to work on your paddling skills throughout the trip.
  • For those that are especially keen, we always recommend those who have never been kayaking before take an introductory lesson in their local area prior to the trip.  

For Self-Guided Kayaking Package guests: kayaking experience is essential.

  • This includes having had previous formal sea kayaking lessons as well as suitable touring experience and knowledge of kayaking in tidal waters and in inclement weather conditions. 
  • For these guests, PRSK is essentially providing the meals and accommodation for your vacation, as well as the rental of the kayaks and kayaking equipment.
  • While Powell River Sea Kayak will provide support in terms of basic route knowledge and weather forecasts prior to launching, full safety considerations and all associated risks are on the onus of the guests choosing to paddle without a guide.
  • Note that evacuation of self-guided guests in the event of an emergency is at their own expense. 
  • Check out the ‘Are You Experienced’ section of our rental guide on our website for more information about essential knowledge for self-guided guests. If you do not feel that you have enough knowledge or experience before your trip, please consider a guided Cabana Desolation package.

Type of Clothing and How to Pack

Before looking at what we provide and what you will need below, here are a few notes on clothing and packing for your stay at Cabana Desolation Eco Resort:

Warm or Cool?

As a seasonal eco-resort, Cabana Desolation is unheated. For most warm spring and summer days, this is perfectly fine. However, cooler weather can occur at anytime, and being prepared to be comfortably warm is necessary. We will provide cozy comforters and warm wool blankets for sleeping, as well as hot water bottles for those extra chilly nights if desired. 

For clothing, please be sure to bring a few warmer layers of clothing so you can enjoy the outdoor setting in comfort. A toque (ie: wool or fleece cap/beanie – depending on where you are from) is also a welcome addition for cooler evening or mornings. 

Clothing for Layers

In addition to warmth, bringing clothes that you can ‘layer’ with is recommended. This way you can add or delete clothing depending on the time of day, the weather, or the amount of physical activity you are doing – or not doing. Here is how it works:

Layer 1: Against the skin

Lightweight and comfortable, this layer wicks moisture away from the skin and is used as a base layer beneath outer-layers, or it can be warn alone on a warm day. A short sleeve and a long sleeve base layer are useful (as well as long underwear). 

Layer 2: The warmth layer

It can be nice to have a couple different options for this layer. One option may be warmer (ie: thicker) than the other. This allows you to add or delete clothing depending on your activity level and the air temperature. Fleece is a good second layer. 

Layer 3: Outer protection from wind and rain 

A waterproof/breathable jacket (eg: Goretex) is the natural choice of many. However, on the coast, often a decent rubber-type rain jacket is just fine or a lighter shell rain jacket.

Please note: Powell River Sea Kayak rents waterproof paddling jackets if needed. 

Cotton or Quick Dry?

Cotton can be comfortable for simply lounging about, however, when doing any physical activity or when clothing is at risk of getting wet (i.e. paddling in rain conditions or sweat), cotton is not the best choice. Once wet, cotton does not dry quickly and is not only uncomfortable but also cold. A better choice for more active times (or wet times) is some type of quick dry material. This includes materials such as polypropylene, fleece or any number of non-cotton sport-type outerwear available these days. In addition to keeping you warmer and dryer, quick dry clothing wicks moisture away from the body and is less bulky. 


Kayaking guests:

Dry bags will be provided for packing your personal items for safe (ie: dry) transport in the kayaks. When you arrive at Cabana, a bed-side dresser in your Cabana can be used for unpacking and organizing your personal items. 

There is ample room in our touring kayaks for personal belongings.

You will be provided with one tapered 30L dry bag for clothing, and a second 10L dry bag for each day’s personal belongings (i.e. camera, phone, sunglasses, etc). If you can’t squeeze that second book or favourite puffy jacket in one of these bags, we do have spares available. 

However, we are still restricted somewhat by the shape and size of our hatches! All personal items for kayaking guests must travel to and from Cabana Desolation in the kayaks. We cannot transport any luggage on the motor vessel, unless it is accompanied by guests that have paid for the service. 

Motor vessel transport guests: 

Our company vessel has storage hatches that can transport guests’ luggage to and from Cabana, however, limits still exist as to the amount of gear we can transport. 

Think of it like flying: effort does still need to be made to pack efficiently and downsize from packing along redundant clothing and equipment. 

Another consideration is the size of the luggage that you take on the boat. Our hatches are great for storing small to mid-sized bags; but large, bulky suitcases are unable to be accommodated. 

If you are visiting Cabana as part of a longer trip, it is often a good idea to pack what you need for the trip into a smaller sized bag and leave the bigger, bulkier case in the car or at our office, where it will be safe and waiting for you when you return.

What We Provide

Your cabana will have:

  • Memory foam beds with cozy sheets, comforters, pillows and a wool blanket for cooler nights.
  • Dresser to unpack your clothing.
  • Towels for swimming plus towels for showering.
  • Covered entrance deck with privacy curtains, enclosed cedar shower, sink for washing, hooks for wet towels or clothing and a potable water container.
  • Personal head lamp.
  • Lanterns at bedside tables.
  • Biodegradable soap for hand, hair and body washing. As an eco-resort, we ask guests to refrain from bringing any shampoos, conditioners or similar that is bad for the environment. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, or there are numbers and capital letters, it is likely not good for the environment. 

Recharging station

  • Centrally located at the Cabana Café (kitchen) is a recharging station for small devices such as camera batteries and smart phones.
  • While this charging station is great for guests to charge devices, due to our off-grid set-up it is only available for guests in the morning before you set off on your daily paddle (or during the day if not paddling). This is because all solar power is required for the kitchen during the evenings – especially once the sun is no longer shining on the panels.
    • Bringing a portable charger is a great way to take advantage of this service and still have the ability to charge at night – simply charge the portable charger in the morning and then use the power bank to charge back at your cabana in the evening!

Extras available

  • Dry bags for packing personal items and for kayaking to Cabana (these are not needed for those boating out to Cabana).
  • Day packs for those looking to explore the island or for hiking established off-island trails.
  • A few stand-up paddle boards for those interested in a unique way to view the marine life and to explore the island’s shores.
  • Mask and snorkel sets for each guest.
  • Shorty wetsuits for snorkeling or swimming.
  • Yoga mats.

Please note: Cabana Desolation is not a typical hotel/resort. Although we have staff to ensure a clean and tidy setting, we do not change bed sheets, towels or similar during your stay (although we do have extras available if requested). 

Food & Beverages

  • First Meal:

On guided trips, for those paddling out to the resort with a guide, lunch is provided on day 1.

For those on unguided packages, or anyone taking the motor vessel transport to cabana regardless of package, dinner is the first meal on Day 1. Guests are to provide their own lunch on this day.

  • Last Meal:

Lunch is provided for all guests. For guests taking the motor vessel option from the resort, lunch will be served at cabana just before departure.

  • Snacks will be available during the day as well as in the evening at the Cabana Cafe.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (ie: water, juice, coffee, tea) are available through the day/evening.
  • Alcoholic beverages (for purchase):

As a licensed establishment, Cabana is subject to the liquor laws of British Columbia.

  • We stock a selection of the most popular craft beers for sale from our local brewery, Townsite Brewing, in addition to a cider and a natural vodka soda.
  • We also have a selection of some nice BC and west coast wines, which will be be available for purchase by the bottle.

Although guests are also welcome to bring their own red wine or spirits to Cabana Desolation, we encourage guests to limit what they bring themselves.

Due to the limited off-grid refrigeration, we ask that guests do not bring beverages that require refrigeration. If you would like to drink beer, cider or white/rose wine at the resort, we ask that you please purchase the local products that we have available.

  • Morning coffee/tea service in your cabana.

This service is available between 7am and 8am. Guests are also welcome to stroll down the boardwalk and enjoy their morning beverage at the point overlooking the ocean.  


  • All kayaking equipment will be provided (including PFDs),
  • Waterproof paddling jackets are available for rent if needed. A good personal rain jacket or shell is great for paddling. If you wish to rent one of our paddling jackets, please contact us to do this ahead of time.
  • For those choosing our motor vessel access option, there will be kayaks available at the Cabanas for your use.


  • On-site first-aid equipment – and wilderness first-aid certified guides. 
  • For communication, we use VHF radios as well as cell phones (there is good cell service in Desolation Sound). 
  • As mentioned, medical information is used to help us plan and prepare for a safe trip.

What You Will Need to Bring

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Spare prescription eyeglasses
  • Duplicates of any medications stored in separate containers (your guide will carry one of these containers for the entire trip – or, you can give one container to the on-site manager upon arrival at Cabana)
  • Hat for rain/sun
  • Warm jacket (eg: fleece)
  • Rain jacket
  • Rain pants (not completely necessary but you may be thankful to have them)
  • Casual pants (eg: cotton or quick dry material) for around Cabana
  • Pants for paddling or hiking (quick dry material only!)
  • Long underwear (quick dry material only! Great for layering under pants in cooler weather)
  • Long sleeve shirt (can be used for paddling to protect from sun or for extra warmth. Quick dry is best)
  • T-shirts (cotton is fine for around Cabana but quick dry best for any physical activities)
  • Extra socks (preferably not cotton)
  • Shorts or bathing suit for swimming
  • Shorts for activities such as kayaking, hiking or paddling boarding (quick dry best)
  • Shorts for around Cabana
  • Water shoes: sturdy and closed-toed preferably, for example, Keens. Please avoid flip flops! The shorelines can be quite slippery, with barnacles and oysters. Good foot protection is important! (You will be walking into the ocean whether kayaking or boating out to Cabana. Motor vessel guests, please have these shoes ready to be worn when arriving at our launch site)
  • Extra shoes and/or sandals for around Cabana
  • Sturdy shoes or hikers if you plan on exploring the island or other trails off-island
  • Personal water bottle (this will be mainly used for while you are paddling)
  • Personal effects (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. We will provide earth friendly soap). 
  • A positive attitude (absolutely essential!)

Note: the above list is a general checklist used for all durations of trips and may need to be adjusted based on trip duration or time of year. In our experience guests often bring much more than is needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

You may wish to consider these extras

  • Gloves for blister protection while sea kayaking (eg: cotton gloves or bike gloves)
  • Toque (wool cap / beanie) for added warmth
  • Camera
  • Insect repellant
  • Book
  • Fishing license and fishing gear (salt water sport fishing licenses are available on-line through the Department of Fisheries and Oceans website)
  • Wine, Beer, Spirits.
    • While we do carry a selection of local alcoholic beverages, guests may bring their own red wine, spirits or alcoholic beverages that DO NOT require refrigeration.
    • Local craft beers, red- white- and rose wines, cider and vodka sodas are available for purchase.
    • Due to our limited off-grid refrigeration capabilities we cannot refrigerate guests’ beverages at the resort.
      • Please do not put our staff in the uncomfortable position of having to apologise for not being able to accommodate this.
  • portable charger to ensure that you can charge your devices at any time – simply charge the portable charger in the morning using our charging station and then use the power bank to charge back at your cabana in the evening!

Medications and Drugs

As only health professionals are legally allowed to administer drugs such as tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen, benadryl, etc, guests should bring their own along with them on these trips.

Guests are required to bring along duplicates of any medication required for the duration of the trip. The duplicates should be passed to one of your guides at the beginning of the tour.

If you use any kind of emergency medications – for example, ventolin or epipens, it is also mandatory to bring extras and pass the duplicates on to your guides for keeping throughout the tour. Please note that if you are required to use any of these emergency medications throughout the trip and your supply is thus exhausted, it is an immediate evacuation at the cost of the client.


The cabanas are designed to be more open to nature. Although the doors have locks, screened openings on the front do not allow for the upmost security. Before you have any concerns with regards to security, please understand that Cabana Desolation is in a remote area and we certainly do not anticipate any issues with regards to security. Security of valuables is only mentioned as part of our thoroughness. If guests have any concerns with regards to valuables or travel documents, these items can either be left in our main office on Okeover or can be left with the manager or cook at Cabana Desolation. 

Motor Vessel Transport Considerations

For those that wish to take the motor vessel transport option out to Cabana Desolation, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind regarding the remote nature of our resort.

For those wishing to kayak during their stay, we will have kayaks for your use on site. These kayaks are part of our touring fleet and are based out of our Okeover location. When booking online, please indicate whether you wish to use single or double kayaks in the appropriate field and we will have these waiting for you at the resort. 

Our company boat is an open vessel, and while the weather in Desolation Sound during the summer is often fantastic, we ask that you please prepare to dress appropriately for all conditions and eventualities on the trip out and back. The trip from our launch site in Penrose Bay to Cabana Desolation takes approximately 20 minutes. 

Our motor vessel does have dry compartments for luggage, but please consider packing your belongings in smaller bags and suitcases to best fit these storage areas. While our resort is all inclusive and allows our guests to bring more than they typically would on a kayak camping trip, huge amounts of luggage are still not particularly suitable for a remote wilderness location such as Cabana Desolation. 

For those guests paddling out – either guided or unguided – please note that our motor vessel is not able to transport excess luggage to and from the resort, beyond that which you can fit in your kayak. Our kayaks have large hatches to transport personal luggage, and dry bags will be provided for your convenience!

Dietary Restrictions

Our set-menu is planned with the goal of providing food that is not only enjoyable but also enhances your experience. The majority of our ingredients are bought fresh in the lead-up to each individual trip, and based on our set-menu and information provided by guests on our pre-trip medical/dietary questionnaire. While this menu does offer a certain level of flexibility with regard to dietary preferences, and we do our best to meet any individual needs, we may not be able to adjust our menu to accommodate all special requests.

We completely understand and respect individual food intolerances and preferences, and our cooks are more capable of accommodating for these dietary needs. However, due to the remote nature of our resort, and the fact that most of our meals are created from scratch using fresh ingredients, we are required to apply a small surcharge for certain requests.

For more common requests, such as vegetarian dishes, this is easily incorporated into our current menu.

Requests for the following dietary omissions will incur a surcharge of 5% of the package price per request:

  • Gluten / Wheat.
  • Dairy.
  • Nuts.
  • Seeds.
  • Oils.
  • Soy.
  • Eggs as a general ingredient in baking or recipes (saying “no” to eggs as a meal in itself will not incur a surcharge).
  • Multiple Food Group Allergies (eg. nightshades, FODMAP diets, brassicas, etc)
  • Any other diet requiring a unique menu (eg. low glycemic, no-sugar, lean-protein, etc)

Our menu has been crafted to include local, seasonal, healthy ingredients, all designed to offer a balanced diet that includes all food groups collectively.

Most of our guests who watch their dairy or gluten intake are happy with the amounts used in our regular menu. There are so many ingredients that go into all our meals over multiple days for a large group, and to substitute some items here and there is extremely difficult in our remote location where most items are boated in at the start of each package.

Certain extremely restrictive requests like keto & paleo diets are not able to be accommodated at Cabana Desolation Eco Resort. We are unable to allow tour guests to bring their own food.

Please note that if you do not select a dietary omission while completing our medical questionnaire, our cooks will not prepare a menu without these ingredients, and we do not have the ability to make wholesale, last minute changes once the tour has started.

Please be sure to complete the medical/dietary form and return this as soon as possible. This form includes dietary information and is used by PRSK management, guides and cooks to plan and prepare food accordingly as well as to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Notes on Extra Activities


Hiking is an option some guests may choose to enjoy. Exploring Kinghorn Island itself can occupy a few hours or even an entire day. In addition to exploring Kinghorn, more established trails are accessible by sea kayak. A few things to keep in mind:

Kinghorn Island has no established trails – but it can be a wonderfully wild place to explore. Staff at Cabana will assist with optional routes and any necessary cautions. Guests need to be careful and bring sturdy footwear, and understand that the routes they take may include some light bush-wacking, and that the terrain can become rocky and difficult if chosen poorly. While it can be an awesome place to explore, guests should note that it will not be accessible to everyone if they are unsure on their feet!

Exploring off-island trails offers a wonderful hiking experience (including the Sunshine Coast Trail and lakes). However, to access these trails, one must paddle there! Although this is part of the experience, factors to consider include paddling distance (to and from), weather conditions, fitness and how long you would like to be gone for the day. On-site staff can assist with these factors and help you plan a suitable day’s adventure. 

As mentioned, please be sure to bring sturdy hiking shoes/boots if you plan to do any serious hiking (especially on Kinghorn, where there are no well-established trails). 

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

We will have a few SUP’s on site for guests to use. This can be a fun way to explore the shorelines around our Cabana site or hop across to the small islands adjacent to Cabana. On-site staff will be there to assist with SUP’s. 

Swimming & Snorkeling

Desolation Sound offers both relatively warm water and interesting intertidal marine life, making both swimming and snorkeling popular and unique activities for this part of the Pacific Northwest. A few things to note:

Water temperature varies by area (even one bay to the next) and can also be greatly affected by the tides, wind or air temperature. Don’t be surprised if the water is cooler than expected – or warmer. 

Beaches in Desolation are often rocky, slippery and can be covered with oysters and barnacles. Sturdy water shoes are not only used when paddling but also swimming. With that said, Cabana Desolation is located at a point of land that juts out into the ocean. This massive granite rock slopes right into the sea and is perfect for jumping in to the deep water or finding a small ledge to dangle your feet on a hot day. The interesting marine life clinging to the rock as it descends into the ocean also provides wonderful snorkeling opportunities on lower tides. 

All guests are provided with a mask and snorkel, and shorty wetsuits are provided in a selection of sizes for guests to use.

Fishing in Desolation Sound

Some guests at Cabana Desolation are interested in opportunities for fishing in Desolation Sound. Over the years we have had many avid guests and guides who have incorporated fishing into their Desolation Sound experience, however there are certain restrictions and considerations that need to be taken into account before you drop a line over the edge of your kayak. 

Please click through to our Fishing in Desolation Sound page and thoroughly read through this information before you plan to go fishing on your Cabana Desolation Eco Resort vacation.

Refuge Cove Boardwalk Marina

Some guests may choose to sea kayak the relatively short distance to Refuge Cove Marine and General Store. This water-access-only marina is a step back in time, with its timbered boardwalks, used booked store, café, artist studio and general store containing a little of everything. This experience could be planned as a partial day excursion or could be turned into a full day trip with a stop for a picnic lunch at a pocket beach along the way. 

Some guests like to bring along a little extra cash (or cards) in case they see something they are interested in purchasing as a souvenir while at Refuge Cove – such as local artwork or an interesting book – and buying something, even small, is a great way to say ‘thank you’ to the community for the experience.

Powell River Accommodation

Looking for somewhere to stay in the Powell River region before and after your trip with us? We’ve compiled a number of our favourite accommodations – from campsites to resorts and lodges – conveniently for you to peruse on our website.

Post Tour Information

Feedback & Testimonials

We earnestly strive to provide a great product and to provide kind and thoughtful service. We truly hope your experience is wonderful! If there is something we can improve upon – please let us know. We’re not perfect, but we want to keep improving. 

Share with the World!

After your tour you may feel inspired to share your wonderful experience with others – and we greatly appreciate this! It is often through reading positive comments and testimonials that people book with us. 

Travel Websites:


We have included information about tipping because many of our guests have suggested we should do so. Questions that came-up were:

  • Is tipping common?
  • Is tipping expected?
  • How much should I tip?
  • What is the best way to tip staff?

Guests are often quite amazed at how hard our staff work – from the guides to the cook and on-site manager/helper. Every staff member seeks to make each of our guests feel safe, comfortable and special. Most guests feel compelled to show their appreciation through tipping. 

Total tip amounts typically range between 10% and 20% of the package rate. Tips are 100% for the staff (guide, manager & cook).

Guests sometimes like to tip each member of Cabana staff individually to show their appreciation, while others prefer to give the entire tip to the lead guide and have them divide the amount evenly amongst all Cabana staff members.

Please note that we are unable to process tips from credit cards. We recommend having enough cash on hand after a trip to cover this, however many guests will simply bring along a blank check that they can fill out after the tour, which works well for both Canadian and US guests. We also have wifi at our Okeover launchsite, and have found that e-transfers and PayPal transfers to the guides once you have returned to base work perfectly as well.

Items Left Behind

When returning from a trip there is a lot of equipment that our office staff will immediately move quickly to clean and organise for the next day. Please take a moment to ensure you have everything from your kayak and PFD before you leave. We are happy to ship items that are forgotten or inadvertently left behind by guests, but please note that responsibility for shipping such items is on you.

Cancellation Policy & Insurance

Cancellation Policy

Cancelling a trip is the last thing one thinks about when planning a vacation. However, circumstances can and do occur that result in an unplanned need to cancel. Although we have empathy for events that may result in needing to cancel, we operate during a very short season and with a very limited occupancy, and this policy is in effect under all circumstances.

When traveling, it is only prudent to ensure you are appropriately insured for all eventualities.  All our guests should look into trip cancellation insurance through a travel agent or your insurance provider. Further to this, all guests should ensure that they have insurance that covers any evacuation – either emergency or non-emergency – that arises in the event of an incident and means that they cannot continue the trip.

Another good way to ensure you are covered for any unforeseen circumstances is through your credit card company. Check whether your credit card has the option to include travel insurance for all cancellations if you use the card to pay for your trip. 

Payment Schedule:

  • A deposit of 50% including tax is required for all reservations at the time of booking.
  • The remaining 50% balance is due 60 days in advance of the trip date. We will email a reminder with the invoice one week before this date and instructions for how this balance can be paid online.
  • Any trips booked within this 60 day period of the trip start date will be required to pay 100% of the balance at the time of booking.


  • If received 61 days or more prior to the scheduled start, a $200 CAD per person cancellation fee applies.
  • If received 0-60 days prior to start, then the reservation is 100% non-refundable.

If you do need to cancel, we will make every attempt to fill the cancelled spot. If we are able to fill the cancelled spots on a tour to 100% capacity, we will provide a full refund less the $200 per person processing fee.

Date Changes:

  • If you wish to change the date of your booked tour to another date in the same season:
    • A $50 processing fee will be charged for such date changes if made more than 120 days before the date of the original tour.
    • A $100 processing fee will be charged for such date changes if made between 119-30 days before the date of the original tour.
    • It will be considered a cancellation if made less than 30 days before the date of the original tour and the regular cancellation policy will apply.
Weather and Environmental Considerations

Summer in coastal British Columbia is generally a time of relatively clear skies and light winds. However, it is important for our guests to understand that at any time of year Desolation Sound and its surrounding waterways can experience extended periods of rain, high winds that can make sea kayaking dangerous for multiple days at a time, and in recent years periods of smoke in the atmosphere that reduces visibility and air quality for undetermined periods of time.

Please note that Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. is not to be held responsible for any environmental factors that may cause a package or portion thereof to be cancelled due to safety concerns, or any perceived reductions in quality of a package due to rain, wind, smoke, fog, cold, heat, or any other environmental phenomenon during the package dates.


In recent summers, wildfires are becoming more prevalent in BC. That said, conditions on the coast and areas that we kayak are seldom affected by smoke and wildfires, however this can occur. For most healthy people, these conditions are not dangerous. Our trips go ahead as planned with or without smoke. If you feel that you would want to cancel your trip as a result of wildfire smoke and expect a refund, we ask that you do not book a trip with us. There will be no refunds due to wildfire smoke over the course of any of our tours.



In addition to cancellation insurance, be sure your personal insurance is adequate to cover expenses caused by accidents in remote locations. 

Any costs arising from an unscheduled evacuation will be the responsibility of the client. Whether this occurs via the Coast Guard or a third party water taxi company, you should expect that evacuation costs from the resort or Desolation Sound to be anywhere from $200-400. Our company motor vessel is not set up or insured for emergency transport.

Note that even if Coast Guard or a third party evacuate a guest from one of our tours, there are likely costs related to PRSK picking up kayaks, equipment, etc, that will also be the responsibility of the guest. Fees related to picking up kayaks/equipment are as follows:

  • Desolation Sound area: $200
  • Redonda Islands area: $300
  • Toba Inlet: $400 (not applicable for cabana tours)

Urgent evacuations that require immediate hospitalization from Desolation Sound are likely to be taken to Campbell River hospital, not Powell River. Guests should be aware of this, and also that the cost and logistical considerations of returning to Okeover from Campbell River is the sole responsibility of the guest.

High Winds & Accessing the Resort

As a kayak in/out eco-resort, motor vessel transport is not included in the base cost of our packages. If, for any reason, guests need to use the company motor vessel to access the resort, including high winds on the first or last day of the package, MVT charges will be added to your invoice as per our regular transport add-on prices.

Connect With Us

For updates, photos, trip reports and general information about life at Powell River Sea Kayak and Desolation Cabana Eco-Resort, consider connecting with us on the following forms of social media:

Paddling Exercises

If you are interested in tuning-up a few of the muscles commonly used while kayaking, here are a few good examples of exercises that really help.