A True Eco Resort

A passion and commitment to local products & staff, sustainable practices & respect for the environment

A unique, comfortable & environmentally conscious eco resort nestled in the rainforest on an uninhabited island in coastal British Columbia

Strong Values, Modern Comforts

At Cabana Desolation we have worked very hard in researching, designing and gently developing an eco-resort that both reflects sustainable principles and provides guests with a desirable level of comfort and amenities.

In fact, we strongly believe the intriguing and atypical features at Cabana Desolation will far outweigh and exceed the mundane and typical designs of more “modern” resort facilities in the world today.

As a bonus is the good feeling we receive knowing we are making good choices in life, and setting a good example for others to follow.

Cabana Desolation Eco-Resort has been approved by Tourism British Columbia’s “Quality Assurance Program.” This designation is only given to accommodation properties that have met the program’s stringent list of requirements and have passed an inspection.

Making Eco-Friendly Choices

Cabana Desolation is a true ‘eco’ resort. But what does this really mean?

Waste Not, Want Not

Solar powered LED lighting in the Cabana Cafe enhances the natural golden warmth of summer evenings in Desolation Sound. Meanwhile, our propane oven and fridge allow us to provide incredible meals and service from our remote island kitchen.

Spring water is gravity fed down to the resort to equip our sinks, showers and bathrooms with enough water to comfortably perform their necessary functions even in the middle of a dry summer.

The eco-friendly toilets use only 1 pint of water a flush! And our on-demand propane hot water systems ensure that all of life’s basic necessities are comfortably provided.

Our remote nature allows guests to strip all unnecessary distractions from their lives and truly embrace our natural environment. If you are still unsure whether Cabana Desolation is for you, please continue reading for a more detailed explanation of our unique operational systems and policies.