• The company motor vessel at Cabana Desolation Eco Resort

Motor Vessel Transport

Easy access to Cabana Desolation Eco Resort

For those short on time or kayaking experience, taking our company motor vessel out to Cabana Desolation Eco Resort can save the stress!

Quick & Easy Access

Some of our guests choose to take the company motor vessel to and/or from Cabana Desolation Eco Resort. Whether you’re short on time, unsure about the paddling distance, or simply not interested in kayaking at all, this may be a good option for you.

This option cuts the usual 8 nautical mile paddle down to a quick and scenic 20 minute boat ride between our office location in Okeover Inlet, and the resort located on Kinghorn Island, in the heart of Desolation Sound.

Motor vessel access is available for both our Guided and Chill & Immerse Packages for an additional charge. Kayaks will be provided for your use to paddle from the resort regardless of which package you choose.

Our company motor vessel transporting kayaks to our eco resort in Desolation Sound
Our company motor vessel anchored off the point at Cabana Desolation Eco Resort

Things to Know Before Arrival

Due to the remote location and logistical demands of our unique resort, however, there are a number of things that prospective guests need to understand before arrival. Some of these include:

  • Our company boat is an open vessel, and appropriate clothing is required.
  • There are no docks on either side, and appropriate footwear is required.
  • Package start and end dates are very busy and require great coordination by staff and management. Strict launch and land times are required to be followed.
  • Storage is limited, so baggage needs to be packed appropriately.
  • In order for staff and management to plan appropriately, this option must be selected at least 72 hours in advance of the start of your trip.
  • We are unable to transport more than 6 people on our company motor vessel at one time, and we can only make one scheduled transport per day. This is run on a first-come first-served basis. Additional people looking to take the motor vessel transport will need to arrange to do so with a local water taxi company, whose costs may vary and will be quoted by the separate company on a case-by-case basis.

If you are considering the motor vessel transport option, please read the relevant section of our pre-trip document. This elaborates on the above points and gives a rundown of the itinerary we need to maintain on busy ‘changeover’ days.