• An experienced kayaker waiting for guests in Desolation Sound

Are You Experienced?

Important questions to ask yourself before you choose to paddle alone

Chill & Immerse kayaking guests need to show that they have adequate knowledge & experience of sea kayaking techniques before paddling without a guide at Cabana Desolation

Questions to Ask

For our Chill and Immerse Cabana package, kayaking experience is essential. This includes having  formal sea kayaking lessons as well as touring experience and knowledge of kayaking in tidal waters.

These are some questions you should ask yourself before you decide to book an unguided Cabana package:

  • Have you had a formal lesson by a qualified instructor?
  • Do you know your limitations?
  • Do you know both self and assisted rescues?
  • Have you practiced both self and assisted rescues?
  • Do you know navigational techniques?
  • Do you know the dangers and power of the ocean – its tides, currents, rips, effects of weather, etc – as opposed to lakes or rivers?

Kayaks stored for the night on a camping tour in Desolation Sound
A group of less experienced kayakers on a guided kayak tour in Desolation Sound

We’re Here to Help

Our goal is not to turn you off sea kayaking. Our goal is to ensure a safe trip that allows you to thoroughly enjoy the delights of sea kayaking.

If you feel that you do not have enough experience, or have not taken a lesson, feel free to give us a call to discuss whether or not it is wise to book an unguided package.

We are glad to work with all our guests (experienced or inexperienced) to ensure a safe, enjoyable resort experience.

Please note that while unguided guests may well share Cabana Desolation with guests that are on a guided tour, they will not have a guide around during times of actual paddling.

As such, you need to be aware of all the potential dangers of sea kayaking and the effect of wind, tides and currents, sudden capsize, and other dangers that are inherently associated with the sport while you are alone on the water.

If you are not comfortable or unsure, continue reading here or please consider our Guided Kayak Package.