• Three sets of french presses and cups of coffee at the Cabana Cafe

Comfort & Amenities

Back to nature doesn’t necessarily mean back in time

Cabana Desolation combines the best features of a remote, off-grid resort with a pleasantly surprising level of comfort & service

Creating Comfort in the Wilderness

As a remote, off-grid eco-resort there are countless little challenges and unique considerations we have made in our quest to deliver an impressive level of service and comfort.

With a focus on what’s truly valuable, we created an eco resort that embraces the essential, natural comforts while omitting the unnecessary distractions that pervade our daily lives.

The result is a truly unique and immersive experience.

Sitting around the fire enjoying the comforts of the Cabana Cafe

Imagine waking from a restful sleep on a comfortable bed, nestled in your crisp clean sheets, cozy duvet and sheepskins. The early morning light filters in through the large screened windows along with the peaceful sounds of nature.

A faint knock of the door rouses you from your meditation, and you rise to find a freshly brewed pot of coffee or tea. Bringing it back into your room to enjoy, you continue your silent contemplation or read another chapter of your favourite book in the middle of this forested island paradise.

The essential comforts of Cabana Desolation and the removal of all unnecessary distractions allow you to just be … something that is unique in our busy day-to-day lives.

It’s not until you arrive and fully absorb the remote surroundings that the existence of power and running hot water on our uninhabited island is truly appreciated!

Solar provides all our essential needs. From charging smaller electronics to LED lighting in the Cabana Cafe to grinding beans for fresh coffee. For everything else, candles and lanterns illuminate most of our conversations and actions, enhancing the evening ambiance by flickering on the rich wooden structures of the resort.

Natural spring water is gravity fed down through the rainforest to the on-demand hot water system of each cabana, providing a luxurious, private shower experience.

We have flush toilets! A basic requirement in our normal lives, but in the context of a remote forested island, this has certainly been a much appreciated ‘luxury’ feature for our guests!

Each cabana has a personal hot water shower attached to a cabana at the resort