• Blackberries and apples harvested from our Okeover launch site for use on our guided kayak tours

Our Principles

Local food, creative meals, genuine service

Connection to the land & local community are a conerstone of our operations at Cabana Desolation Eco Resort

At Cabana Desolation we focus on our principles of the local, the creative and the genuine. This is as true for the food we serve as it is for the buildings we create and the people we employ.

All the meals prepared at Cabana Desolation Eco Resort are done so with passion from fresh, local ingredients, and an overwhelming determination to provide the best quality possible to our guests.

As a remote eco resort, preparation for our kitchen is not as simple as placing an order and having our produce delivered straight to our door. Instead, our cooks visit and communicate with local farmers and butchers in the lead up to each tour and purchase fresh ingredients depending on the season, the set menu du jour, and any food allergies that may need to be taken into consideration.

When you wake up in the morning, you can be sure that the fresh pot of coffee that is delivered to your Cabana door will have been sourced from local coffee roasters, and the refreshing alcoholic beverage you enjoy at the end of a day of adventure will have come from a local brewery or vineyard.

We are proud to serve River City Coffee and Townsite Brewing craft beer at the resort, both of which are local companies in Powell River. Meanwhile, our wine selection come from an assortment of wineries in British Columbia and the west coast of North America.

In addition to our commitment to local vendors, we also have a growing commitment (pun intended) to producing our own food, with most of our salads and herbs grown on site at Cabana Desolation, as well as a developing working garden at our Okeover launch site that is steadily producing more and more  fresh vegetables each year to complement and diversify our menu options.

Our Okeover launch site is a piece of local history, and was originally homesteaded in the 1920s by the Crowther family. Amazingly, the original family orchard continues to produce a bountiful supply of apples, pears and crab-apples which are turned into various jams and chutneys and used on our Cabana and camping tours.

Seasonal fresh huckleberries, salmon-berries, and of course the ubiquitous blackberry grow wild on our Okeover site, and naturally they also find themselves incorporated into our seasonal menus, while blueberries are sourced from various local farms in the Powell River area to complement those berries  picked by hand on-site.

We are very proud of our roots and commitment to maintaining our principles of positive relationships with Powell River businesses and the local community, and we are sure you will appreciate the effort that goes into creating an authentic west coast flavour and atmosphere at the Cabana Cafe.

Original homestead at Penrose Bay, Okeover Inlet