• A father and son kayaking on a guided package in Desolation Sound

Kayaking Map & Routes in Desolation Sound

Paddling Routes from Cabana Desolation Eco Resort

Cabana Desolation Eco Resort is located 8 nautical miles from Powell River Sea Kayak’s private location on Okeover Inlet. One the first day, guests will enjoy a comfortable day paddle through Okeover and Malaspina Inlets before crossing over to Kinghorn Island in Desolation Sound.

Kayaking trips from Kinghorn Island can radiate in several directions and provide new experiences daily. Destinations include the funky boardwalk village of Refuge Cove, the shores of Cortes Island, the fresh waters of Black Lake and the islands and channels toward Prideaux Haven and Curme Islands.

Guests looking for a casual few hours of paddling can circumnavigate Kinghorn Island. Its steep cliffs, pocket beaches and many haul-out sites for seals provide ample exploration. In addition, the Station Islands just across from the resort and provide fun areas to explore by kayak or stand up paddle board.

A great combination activity is to kayak over to the Sunshine Coast Trail’s access point at Feather Cove on Malaspina Peninsula. From there, you can leave the kayaks and hike over to Sarah Point. The hike has wonderful views of the entire area, including the Coast Mountains over Desolation Sound, Kinghorn Island itself and the Straight of Georgia’s many islands.

A map of kayaking routes in Desolation Sound, British Columbia