Cabana Desolation’s Duplex Cabana

Perfect for families or solo travellers, the ‘duplex cabana’ at Cabana Desolation Eco Resort offers some flexibility and affordability to guests

Built To Better Serve Our Guests

Traditionally, Cabana Desolation Eco Resort cabanas have been intended for double occupancy. Our cabanas were designed to comfortably fit a queen sized bed and leave ample room for couples or close friends to share the space.

After the 2017 Cabana Season, following 4 years of operation, we decided that the next and final addition to our accommodation options at Cabana Desolation Eco Resort would be something unique that catered specifically to two types of guest at Cabana Desolation that our current accommodations did not quite fit: solo travellers and family groups.

As a result, our ‘duplex cabana’ was born!

Cozy & Comfortable

Our duplex cabana was built at the far end of the boardwalk by the ocean, giving it some of the best views of all the accommodations (though of course, all the cabanas have beautiful ocean views!).

It is a single structure with two separate accommodations (hence the name ‘duplex’) that are divided with a single wall. Entrance to each side comes from the rear on either side of this partition, off the cedar boardwalk that links all the buildings of the resort.

Inside each accommodation is a double bed, as well as an on-demand hot-water shower with a luxurious ‘rain shower’ head, and a personal sink. Unlike our queen cabanas, the shower and sink were placed inside the room to better make use of the space and the footprint of the duplex structure (and it provides more privacy too).

There are skylights by the doorway that filter natural light into the room, and the wide screened windows facing the ocean create the feeling of being right in the thick of nature, all while being surrounded by comfortable and cozy natural woods and luxuries!

Adaptable & Affordable

As mentioned above, our duplex accommodations offer more options for travellers that don’t fit the typical double occupancy mould.

For solo travellers (or two friends that prefer their own private space) the duplex is the perfect size for solo occupancy. It is also far more economical than booking a queen bed cabana for one person. The single supplement for a queen bed cabana is $225 a night, while the single supplement for the duplex cabana is only $75 a night on top of the package price.

For families the duplex cabana is a fantastic way to keep the whole group close together. Many guests with younger children prefer to sleep close by at night, and the duplex allows you to literally be just in the next room, all while maintaining that aura of privacy that the cabanas afford.

Staying in the duplex as a family is a great economic deal as well. If a family of 3 stay together in the duplex cabana (i.e. the parents on one side and the child on the other) we waive the single supplement for the solo occupancy, whereas if a family of 4 stay in the duplex together, every member of the group will receive our best rate (off-peak group) regardless of the time of year!

Finally, we have had a number of couples use the duplex cabana for accommodation when all our queen bed cabanas have already been booked for a specific date. Despite it’s smaller size, the duplex has all the cozy features and comforts of our regular cabanas – including a personal shower on each side!